Acne Treatment – 8 Myths and Real Facts About Acne

  1. Acne and pimples are the same thing

Anyone who suffers from acne knows the facts about this one. A minor breakout is likely because you’ve been burning the midnight oil or are somewhat hormonal. Acne is a dermatological condition that requires treatment as early as you see it (no pun intended). There are 5 different types of acne, which range from moderate to severe and while the most common (acne vulgaris) may be treated with hormones, not all types can be. Some may even be made worse, so ensure you find a dermatologist who can care for your acne effectively.

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  1. Acne is just for kids

Most had the illness in their teens but most had clear skin through their teens and just developed acne in their twenties, thirties and even forties.



One study of acne discovered that not washing all made acne worse but washing four times a day had the same ill-effect. The best approach was to use a gentle cleanser twice daily, evening and morning. Adult acne in formerly clear-skinned folks may result from not keeping the skin clean. While the acne may not improve through cleaning, keeping your skin clean makes sure you don’t exacerbate the problem.


  1. You’re just vain

Not only can acne leave physical and psychological scars, but it might also be an indication of a more serious hormonal imbalance.



After prolonged exposure to sunlight, the skin may backlash and make acne worse. Additionally, there are the tiny matters of skin aging and cancer to consider, so be sure you continue to use sunscreen. There are a few that are better for acne sufferers than others (see our tips on acne remedies below).


  1. Sugar gives you acne

Sugar will not help you make friends with your dentist, but it will not make much difference to your acne remedy. Common sense indicates that a nutritious diet, plenty of exercise and rest will decrease your stress levels and increase your fitness, which not hurt. Also, excessive ingestion of some additives and preservatives which are frequently found in sugary foods have been linked to hormonal imbalance, but glucose alone isn’t the enemy.


  1. Keep your hair off your face

Mums say this because you like how you look and wish you would not hide your face. The oil from your hair will not make acne worse as long as you’re maintaining your skin gently cleaned. Just be sure that you’re not hiding behind your hair – it sounds like a cliche, but confidence actually will make people more attractive than any other caliber.


  1. It is going to vanish one day.

Even though some cases of acne finally disappear by themselves, even the most aggressive treatments will take 6-8 weeks to show some results. Even after this period, you might not find any improvement as acne treatment is often a case of trial and error for physicians and their patients. Everybody is different and finding the ideal combination of approaches may take a while.

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